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Contact segmenting

Easily segment contacts based on certain criteria for more personalized promotions


Send bulk messages to targeted group of contacts.

Message Scheduling

Ensure your audience receives your messages exactly when you want them to.

Add contacts automatically

Have additional customer touch points like lead magnets, customer portals or apps? Add them directly into campaigns as soon as they sign up.

Smart targeting

Whether it’s bulk messages or individual texts advanced segmenting and webhook triggers ensure your messages get sent to the correct people.

Dynamic variables

Send personalized messages at scale by automatically filling them up with relevant details of your contacts.

Abandoned cart messages

Automatically send abandoned cart messages to people that have abandoned cart to get them to purchase.

Sales Rapports

Use granular insights and long-view analyses to make data-driven decisions and secure successful outcomes.

CRM Integration

Create Deals Without Leaving the Platform. Optimize your sales cycle and retain a single source of truth for customer data. Integrate sales CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive or Zoho with your messaging inbox and automation.

Shared Inbox

Replace personal messaging accounts with a shared inbox to monitor conversations on any channel and intervene when necessary.

AI Sales Agent

Use AI to automate sales conversations, automatically only send qualified leads to your sales agents so that their time is dedicated to more serious buyers.

Contact database

Move leads from your sales team's personal phones to a shared platform and build comprehensive contact profiles.

Automate Lead Distribution

Implement distribution strategies as simple as round-robin to online agents or as complex as multi-skilled sales teams with priority queues for high-value prospects.

Automate Sales Qualification

Qualify leads in seconds using a combination of automated messaging, data enrichment services and qualification logic that routes prospects to the right sales team.

Integrate Existing Software

Works well with your existing software and puts all the power at your fingertips. Create tickets, issue refunds, submit bug reports and more, without leaving the platform.

Supervisor Dashboard

Identify conversations that have been on hold or unresolved for too long, and monitor agents’ performance and workload in real-time.

Automated Workflows

Reduce agent error for processes like shift transfers, support escalation or even refund requests by automating decision-making with workflows that can be launched at a click.

Multi channel inbox

Combine channels into one inbox for a customer .

Merge Contacts

Merge all contact points from different channels all into one contact.

Standardize responses

Ensure quick and precise messaging with canned responses for frequently asked questions, freeing agents to address critical customer cases properly.


Automatically trigger notifications that needs to be sent to customers.

Appointment reminders

Automatically send appointment reminders via WhatsApp, easily connect to your existing calendar.

Delivery Messages

For products that needs to be delivered, automatically send notifications of where their package is and when it will be delivered.


Automate bulk reminders that needs to be send out to clients.