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We Are The Sole Distributor Of The Worlds Leading AI Business Messaging Software in South Africa, making us the number 1 choice for businesses.

What we're offering

Currently we are offering the following solutions.

Promotional Messaging

The WhatsApp messaging strategy centers on Resell; prioritizing existing clients for increased sales, Nurture; engaging potential clients with tailored offers, and Retarget; using specific messages to prompt desired actions, such as "Abandoned Cart Messages".

Conversational Sale

Simplify your sales process and boost your revenue with WhatsApp. Improve communication with customers, monitor your sales team's performance, and close more deals quickly - all from one platform.

Conversational Support

Enhance customer loyalty with a single solution that consolidates all communication channels seamlessly. Our automated workflows streamline support. It’s the ultimate inbox for agents and managers that provides context maintenance, supervision, standardized responses, and prebuilt automated processes. Simplify customer service and drive loyalty effortlessly.

Service Messaging

Automate messages that needs to be send to your clients like, when next appointment is due, appointment reminders, delivery messages, notifications, reminders and much more.

Trusted by +10,000 Companies

We are a proud reselling partner of Respond.io the worlds leading AI messaging platform.


Industries we are serving currently

These are currently the industries that we find gets the best results using WhatsApp with our AI Messaging software. We are constantly adding new industries as we grow!

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Real Estate
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