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Conversational Support

Enhance Customer Loyalty with a Single Solution.

Eliminate the stress of juggling multiple platforms by using a single, all-in-one solution. Foster a customer-centric approach to deliver exceptional service, resulting in loyal customers who drive revenue.

All Your Channels in One Place
Retain Conventional Contact Points Still need to maintain relationships over SMS, email and webchat? Add all your existing channels to work seamlessly together with instant messaging.
Conversational Support via Automated Workflows

General Enquiry

Build routing and assignment workflows that reduce max agent loads, send VIP customers to high-priority queues and give precedence to high-quality resolutions.

Route by Shift

Whether you provide multi-shift support or require additional agents during peak hours, create the optimal agent load every time.

Route by Skill

Keep customers from falling down the routing rabbit hole. Design logic that connects them to the right support team instantly, whether you route by inquiry keywords or agent skills like region, language or function.

Dedicated Agents

Don’t keep high-value customers waiting. Assign them to a dedicated agent for immediate attention or reroute them to high-priority queues for first-in-line support if their agent is offline.

Customer Experience that Converts:
Turning First -Time Buyers into Repeat Customers
Better CSAT and NPS Scores
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Faster Response
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Faster Resolution
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The Ultimate Inbox for Agents and Managers

Whether you’re resolving issues or supervising agents, we have the tools for you