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About us

Who we are

We Are The Sole Distributor Of The Worlds Leading AI Business Messaging Software in South Africa, making us the number 1 choice for businesses.

Our Vision

The Vision of the SMB Growth Booster is to become SA’s number 1 WhatsApp solution provider for SMB’s.

We strive to deliver an excellent service with the best customer support. We want to be known to always take the extra step for our clients to ensure their success and satisfaction.

Our Mission

At SMB Growth Booster our focus is to help our clients dominate one of South Africa’s most used communication channels, WhatsApp.

We help our clients set themselves up for succes from the start and help them dominate their industry with the use of Promotional Messaging, Coverstional Sales, Conversational Support and Service Messaging over WhatsApp.

Being partnered with one of the worlds best messaging platforms Respond.io, being a Meta approved partner and a growing customer base of 10,000+ companies we have access to what is working best in which industries and we implement this for our clients to ensure they are always a step ahead of their competitors.